Cylinder Head and Cylinder

1 Remove the cam chain tensioner cap

2 Loosen the tensioner lock nut

3 Remove the chain tensioner assembly Note the location of each part

Loosen the side cover securing bolts and remove the side cover Remove the cam sprocket securing bolt (see the following photo) Then remove the flywheel magneto.

When removing the cam sprocket, it is not necessary to separate the cam chain

250 Cam Chain DisassembleSr250 Can Chain Tight

6 Flywheel magneto removal a Remove the flywheel securing nut using the rotor holding tool.

7 Loosen the guide stopper locking nut and bolt

I Rotor hotdmg tool

2 flywneel puller

I Rotor hotdmg tool

2 flywneel puller b Install the flywheel puller on the flywheel and tighten it.

The puller body has a lefthand thread c While holding the puller body, tighten the push bolt This will pull the flywheel off the tapered end of the crankshaft d Remove the magneto base assembly with the lead wire.

1 Pay careful attention to the "O-ring" fitted along the outer circle of the magneto base because this ring is made of silicon rubber and is susceptible to damage.

2 If the magneto base is difficult to remove. screw bolts (M8) into the holes indicated by an arrow to pull out the base with

Gg1 Electric Motors
Guide tloppe» k*x»ng nut and t»oit

8 Remove the cam chain and cam chain sprocket

Yamaha Sr250 Flywheel

9 Remove the six cylinder head retaining bolts (2 of which are internal hexagon bolts» and the cylinder retaining bolt

Loosen the bolts in the order indicated in the following photo

10 Remove the cylinder head and cylinder

11 Remove the guide stoppers

Piston Pin and Piston

1 Remove the piston pin clip from the piston

Before removing the piston pin clip, cover the crankcase with a clean rag so you will not accidentally drop the clip into the crankcase

Virago 250 Piston Clean

2 Push the piston pin from the opposite side, then pull out

Before removing piston pin. deburr the clip groove and pin hole area

Crankcase Cover (Right) and Starter Motor

1 Remove the oil filter cover holding bolts and the cover

2 Remove the oil filter element

3 Remove the crankcase cover holding bolts and the cover.

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