Ignition Timing

1 Checking the ignition timing

Ignition timing is checked with a timing light by observing the position of the mark on the case and the marks on the rotor a Remove the crankcase cover (L) b Connect the timing light to the spark plug lead wire c. Start the engine and keep it running at the specified speed d The index projection on the crankcase must be between the two marks for firing on the rotor

If not. refer to Chapter 6 "Ignition System '

Specified idling speed 1.200 r/min

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Ignition timing is not adjustable.

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BP7ES (NGK) or W22EP(ND) Electrode gap

0.7 — 0 8 mm (0 028 ~ 0 031 in) Tightening torque: 2.0 m-kg (14.5 ft-lb)

Spark plug

The life of a spark plug and its discoloring vary according to the habits of the rider. At each periodic inspection, replace burned or fouled plug with new ones of the specified type. It is actually economical to install new plug often since it will tend to keep the engine in good condition and prevent excessive fuel consumption

1 The spark plug should be inspected and cleaned at the specified intervals.

2 Clean the electrodes of carbon and adjust the electrode gap to the specification

3 Be sure to use the proper reach, type and electrode gap plug as a replacement to avoid overheating, fouling or piston damage.

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