1 Idle speed setting procedure

Start the engine and warm it up for a few minutes Set the engine idle speed to specified r/min by turning the throttle stop screw in to increase the engine speed and back off the screw to decrease the engine speed Use a tachometer for checking and adjusting the engine speed

Idle speed 1,200 r/min

Xtz 660 Mixture Screw
1 Throltlf nop %crvw

2 Idle mixture

The idle mixture is set at the factory by the use of special equipment Not attempt should be made by the dealer to change this adjustment

3 Throttle cable adjustment

Idle speed should be set before making this adjustment

The throttle grip should have a play of 2 — 5 mm (0 08 ^ 0 2 in) in the turning direction at the grip flange If the play is not this range, take the following step for adjustment

Loosen the adjuster lock nut on the throttle cable, and turn the adjuster in or out so the play is correct After the adjustment, tighten the lock nut

Air Filter

The air filter protects the engine from dirt which can enter with the intake air and cause rapid engine wear This dirt is filtered from the air by the air filter element This model uses a cartridge type air filter element which consists of foam rubber moistened with oil. When this filter element becomes dirty it should be cleaned

1 Remove the seat and the side cover (left)

2 Remove the air filter element from its case, remove element from guide and clean with solvent After cleaning, remove the remaining solvent by squeezing the element

Yamaha 250 Take Out
i a«i f»it#* tf+mcnl

3 Then apply Yamalube 2-cycle oil or equivalent to the entire surface and squeeze out the excess oil Element should be wet but not dripping.

4 When installing the air filter element in its case, be sure its sealing surface matches perfectly the sealing surface of the case so there is not air leakage

The air filter element should be cleaned at the specified intervals It should be cleaned more often if the motorcycle is operated in dusty or wet areas.


The engine should never be run without the air cleaner element installed; excessive piston and/or cylinder wear may result.

Engine Oil

1 Oil level measurement a Place the motorcycle on a level place and hold it in an upright position Warm up the engine for several minutes.

Be sure the motorcycle is positioned straight up when checking the oil level, a slight tilt toward the side can produce false readings b With the engine stopped, check the oil level through the level window located at the lower part of the right side crankcase cover.

Wait a few minutes until the oil level settles before checking.

2 Mftftimum mark

3 Mtrvmum nwk

2 Mftftimum mark

3 Mtrvmum nwk

2 Oil capacity

After engine overhaul 1 6 lit (1 7 US qt) After oil filter replacement 1 3 lit (14 US qt)

Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

After replacement of engine oil. be sure to check the oil pressure in the following procedure.

1. Remove the air bleed screw from oil filter cover, and loosen the check bolt in the cylinder head.

2. Start the engine and keep it idle running till oil flows out of the bleed hole, and at the check bolt (see the following photo).

The check bolt has a slit for checking oil.

If no oil comes out even after a lapse of over one minute, cut the engine immediately for fear of seizure. Restart the engine after solving the problem(s) and recheck the oil pressure.

Sr250 Oil Filter Aluminum

1 Oil filter replacement

When replacing the engine oil after the break-in period, clean the oil strainer at the bottom of the engine a Start the engine After a few minutes of warm-up stop the engine b. Place an oil pan under the engine

Engine Bleed Offtake
1 Dr*in plug

c Remove the oil filler cap. drain plug and air bleed screw attached to the oil filter cover, and dram the engine oil

The oil filter cover is secured by three screws. The lower one should be loosened until the threaded portion comes out completely

1 Ai» bte^d sr2 Fitter cover %<r*w

When removing the drain plug, the compression spring, oil strainer and O-ring will fall off. Take care not to lose these parts.

d Remove the oil filter cover, and replace the filter element

1 fvinf «Wment 2 O' ring

e Install the drain plug, air bleed screw, oil filter and oil filter cover

Before reinstalling the drain plug, do not forget to fit the O-ring. compression spring and oil strainer.

f. Add 13 liters of engine oil Install the oil filler cap and tighten Use Yamalube 4-cycle oil or SAE 20W/40 type "SE" oil.

How Check Engine Oil Yamaha Fz6

g. Start the engine and allow a few minutes of warm up While warming up. check for oil leakage If oil leaks, stop the engine immediately, and check for the cause h. After warm up. stop the engine and check the oil level (Refer to page 2-4. ' Engine Oil" )

2 Regular oil replacement (without replacing filter)

a Start the engine and stop after a few minutes of warm-up b Place an oil receiver under the engine, c. Remove the oil filler cap. drain plug and air bleed screw attached to the oil filter cover

The oil filter cover is secured by three screws The lower one should be removed so that the filter cavity will drain d Check each O-nng If damaged replace e Install the drain bolt and the bleed screw f. Add 1 3 liters of engine oil. Install the oil filler cap and tighten g Start the engine and allow a few minutes of warm-up While warming up. check for oil leakage If oil leaks, stop the engine immediately, and check for the cause h Stop the ongine and check the oil level. (Refer to page 2-4. "Engine Oil".)

Clutch Adjustment

This model has two clutch cable length adjusters and a clutch mechanism adjuster Cable length adjusters are used to take up slack from cable stretch and to provide sufficient free play for proper clutch operation under various operating conditions. The clutch mechanism adjuster is used to provide the correct amount of clutch "throw" for proper disengagement (see page 3-24) Normally, once the mechanism is properly adjusted, the only adjustment required is maintenance of free play at the clutch handlebar lever

Free Play Adjustment

Loosen the handlebar lever adjuster lock nut Next, turn the length adjuster either in or out until proper lever free play is achieved



Cam Chain Adjustment

1 Remove the left crankcase cover

2 Rotate crank shaft in a counterclockwise direction (viewed from the left side of the engine) to place all slack in the area of the chain tensioner Align the "T" mark on the flywheel with the timing mark on the crankcase at the compression stroke.

Tdc Compression Stroke Fz6

3 Remove the adjuster cap

4 Loosen the adjuster lock nut

5 Turn the adjuster in until the push rod (inside the adjuter) is flush with the end of the adjuster

Yamaha 250 Chain Tensioner
t PuV> rod ? AdiuStdr 3 Lock nut

Start the engine While keeping it idling, check the movement of the push rod If it moves slightly, the adjustment is correct If it does not move at all. the adjuster is too tight Loosen the adjuster so the push rod moves slightly

6 Tighten the adjuster lock nut

7 Install the adjuster cap and the left crankcase cover

Adjuster lock nut tightening torque 3 0 rrvkg (22 ft-lb)

Adjuster cap tightening torque: 0.5 m-kg (3 6 ft-lb)

Valve Clearance Adjustment

1 Remove the seat

2 Turn the fuel petcock to "ON" and disconnect the fuel pipe

3. Remove the bolt securing the fuel tank to the frame and remove the fuel tank

4 Remove intake and exhaust tappet covers and left crankcase cover.

Yamaha Sr250 Engine
1 Intake tappet cover 2 E«>iau*t tap©*t cover

5 Align the "T" mark on the flywheel with the timing mark on the crankcase

This places the piston at the top dead center and the valve clearance should be checked and adjusted at T D C on the compression stroke by observing when the valve adjusters have clearance

6 Use a feeler gauge to determine the clearance

Intake valve (Cold)

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