Connecting Rod Arm Bearing Sr250

Standi rd


Top.'2nd fir»g

02 — 04 mm 100079-00157 its)

0 80 mm (0.031 Sff>


0 3 — 09 mm 1001 IB-0.0354 in)


1 Check crankshaft components per chart.

Piston Pin

1 Apply a light film of oil to pin

Install in connecting rod small end Check for play There should be no noticeale vertical play. If play exists, check connecting rod small end for wear Replace pin and connecting rod as required.

2 The piston pin should have no noticeable free play in position If the piston pin is loose, replace the pin and/or the piston

Check connecting-rod axial p*ay at small end (to determine the amount of wear or crank pin and bearing at big end)

Small end play should not exceed 2 mm (0.079 m)

If small end play exceeds 2 mm (0 079 in) disassemble crankshaft, check connecting rod. crank pin and big end bearing

Replace defective parts Play after reassembly shoukJ be within 0 8 — 1 0 mm (0 031 ~ 0 039 in)

Check the connecting tod side clearance at btg end

Move the connecting rod to one side and insert a feeler gauge Big end axial play should be within 0 35 - 0 65 mm (0014 - 0 026 in)

If excess4ve axial p>ay is present. 0 7 mm (0 028 in) or more, disassemble the crankshaft and replace any worn parts

Check crankshaft assembly runout (Misalignment of crankshaft parts.)

Dial gauge readings should be within 0 03 mm (0 00118 in)

Correct any misalignment by tapping the flywheel with a brass hammer and by using a wedge

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