Change Shaft Assembly

1 Pull the shift shaft out from the right hand side

2 Remove the shift lever 2 with the shift lever 3 as an assembly, and then remove the stopper lever assembly with the torsion spring.

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1 Working in a crisscross pattern, loosen all bolts 1/4 turn each Remove them after all area loosened

2 Remove the right crankcase by pulling it up

For this removal, slits in the crankcase can be used as shown in the photo


Remove the transmission shaft, shift forks and shift cam. Tap lightly on the transmission drive shaft with a soft hammer to remove

Remove assembly carefully Note the position of each part Pay particular attention to the location and direction of shift forks

While removing the drive axle from the crankcase. pay careful attention to the oil seal lip A recommended practice is to fit the "0" ring and to apply grease over the fitted area


Remove crankshaft assembly with the crankcase separation tool (Special tool)

1 Craniale separation too«

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