Yamaha Sr250 Clutch Plates Assembly

For this removal, slits in the crankcase can be used as shown in the photo.

4 Remove starter motor assembly

Clutch Assembly and Drive Gear

1 Loosen primary drive gear by first placing a folded rag between the teeth of the primary gears to lock them as shown in the photo. Then loosen drive gear nut

Remove the nut and washer

2 Remove the four clutch spring holding screws, pressure plates, clutch plates, friction plates, ball and push rod 2

3 Install clutch holding tool on clutch boss Remove lock nut. washer, clutch boss and housing in that order.

1 Dutch holding tool

Clutch Push Lever Axle

Loosen and remove the set screw, then remove the push lever axle by pulling it up

1 Itvo* 2 S«t term

Balance Gear

1 Flatten the lock washer

2 First place a folded rag between the teeth of the drive gear and balancer gear to lock them Then loosen the balancer gear securing nut

3 Remove the balancer gear, the washers and the key

4 Remove the drive gear and key

Oil Pump Assembly

Remove the pump idle gear clip and then loosen the pump cover securing bolts and remove the oil pump assembly

1 Puttk> KM Q—r 2 Pump driven qm'

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