Preparation for Removal

1 All dirt, mud. dust and foreign material should be thoroughly removed from the exterior of the before removal and disassembly. This will prevent any harmful foreign material from entering the interior of engine assembly

2 Before engine removal and disassembly. be sure you have proper tools and cleaning equipment so you can perform a clean and efficient job

3 During disassembly of the engine, clean and place all parts in trays in order of disassembly This will ease and speed assembly time and insure correct reinstallation of all engine parts

4 Start the engine and warm it for a few minutes: turn off the drain plug and drain engine oil

Fuel Tank

1 Remove the seat and fuel tank

2. Remove the right side cover and disconnect battery wire

Muffler, Footrest and Brake Pedal

1 Remove the bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the cylinder head.

2 Remove the bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the frame

3 Remove the exhaust pipe assembly

4 Remove the left side footrest

5 Remove the brake rod wing nut and the return spring

Wiring and Cables

1 Remove the spark plug cap

2 Remove the change pedal.

3 Remove the left crankcase cover

Yamaha 250

4 Disconnect the magneto lead wire coupler and the band

5 Disconnect the starter lead wire

6 Remove the clutch wire at the handlebar lever first and then at clutch push lever Next, remove the breather pipe.

3 Bring iho master link clip slightly before the sprocket wheel, and remove the clip

4 Set the chain cutter (special tool) on the chain, and remove the chain |Oint plate Then, separate the chain

Drive Chain

1. Loosen the sprocket securing bolts and remove the holder plate 2 Remove the drive sprocket

The following procedure gives an alternative way to remove the chain from the engine

1 Own rutlM

Engine Mounting Bolts

1 Remove the left hand footrest securing bolts

2 Remove the engine mounting bolts

3 Remove the engine from the right side of frame


1 Loosen the carburetor hose clamps as shown in the photo

2 Remove the carburetor assembly while pulling the carburetor body backward

1 Own rutlM

The engine and rear arm are installed using the same pivot shaft Therefore take care so that the pivot shaft is pulled, not entirely out but further enough to see the engine free.

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