Checking The Pump Operation

Disconnect the carburetor fuel delivery pipe (1). Place a container under the tip of the delivery pipe. Turn the main switch to ON. Check that the fuel comes out of the delivery pipe. If the fuel does not come out, replace the fuel pump unit. Refer to the INSPECTION'1 section.

Fuel Level Adjustment

Piace the motorcycle on a level surface, 2. Make sure that the carburetor is in a horizontal position by placing a jack under the engine. 3. Connect the fuel level gauge (1) to the drain pipe of the float chamber. Fuel level gauge P N. YM-01312-A P N. 90890-01312 4. Loosen drainer screw (2) and heat the engine. 5. Make sure that fuel level gauge is in a vertical position near the match face of the float 6.0-8.0 mm Under the edge of the match face of the float chamber Inspect valve housing and...


When charging the battery, remove it from the motorcycle. If tt is necessary to recharge the battery on the motorcycle, be sure to disconnect the negative terminal. Never remove the battery caps. Make sure that the battery charger pincers are firmly in contact with the terminals and are not in short circuit An oxidised plncer may generate heat on the surface of the contact. A pincer with a weak spring may cause sparks. Before removing the pincers from the battery terminals, turn off the battery...

Yamaha Szr 660 Headlight

Yamaha Szr 660 Koplamp

Do not touch the lamp when on and keep all inflammable products well away. Do not touch the glass part of the lamp with the fingers and be careful not to soil it. If it is soiled, clean thoroughly with a cloth soaked in alcohol before reassembling. Front parking light lamp replacement Lamp holder 1 pressure fitted Lamp holder pressure fitted Vertical setting of the headlight beam 1. Approac the setting screw 3 in the rear part of the headlight

Preparation For Disassembly And Reassembly

Remove air dirt, mud, dust and foreign objects prior to disassembly. 2. Use proper material and tools. Refer to section 'SPECIAL TOOLS'. 3. When disassembling the cycle, keep together mated parts gears, cylinders, pistons and other parts 'mated1 in the course of normal wear and tear. Such parts must be either reused together or completely replaced. 4. During disassembly, clean all parts and place them in trays in order of disassembly. This makes reassembly quicker and helps assure that all...