Front Fork Oil Change

Fork oil leakage can cause loss of stability and safe handling. Have any problem corrected before operating the motorcycle. Securely support the motorcycle so there is no danger of it falling over. 1. Elevate the front wheel by placing a suitable stand under the engine. Keep the valve open by pressing it for several seconds so that the air can be let out of the innertube. Pinch bolts steering crown Use the Front Fork Cap Socket YM-01104 . Collars 5. Place a receptacles under the drain screws....

Motorcycle Identification

The vehicle identification number is stamped into the steering head pipe_ Starting serial number VMXI. M PA035101 VMXttiG J ASWP 0 PAfl ii i The vehicle identification number is used to identify your motorcycle and may be used to register your motorcycle with the licensing authority in your state.

Engine Serial Number

The engine serial number is stamped into the crankcase. Starting serial number 2WE-050101 USA 2WF-012101 California 2EN-042101 EUR The first three digits of these numbers are for model identification the remaining digits are the unit production number. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Coolant Level Inspection

Coolant level reservoirtank Level low Add tap water softwater . Change the Coolant every two years. Refer to Chapter 4 COOLING SYSTEM for more detail. FULL level LOW level Do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Hard water or salt water is harmful to the engine parts use boiled or distilled water if you can't get soft water. From LOW to FULL Level 0.20 L 0.18 Imp qt, 0.21 USqt

Throttle Cable Adjustment

Before adjusting the throttle cable free play, the engine idlng speed should be adjusted. Throttle cabie fcee paiy O ut of specification -h Adjust. Throttle Cable Free Play a 4-7 mm 0.16- 0.28 in Throttle cable free play By the following adjustment steps, Turnl the adjuster clockwise or counter clockwise until proper free play is attained. Tighten the locknut, ENGINE OIL LEVEL INSPECTION ENGINE OIL REPLACEMENT ENGINE OIL LEVEL INSPECTION ENGINE OIL REPLACEMENT ENGINE OIL LEVEL INSPECTION 1....

Brake Fluid Level Inspection

Brake fluid level brake master cylinder Level low- Replenish flu id. Spilled fluid is cleaned up immediately to prevent painted surfaces or plastic parts from erodina. Use only the designated quality brake fluid, otherwise poor brake performance will result. Water does not enter the master cylinder when refilling, otherwise poor brake performance.

Rear Shock Absorber Adjustment

Yamaha Rear Shock Adjusting

Spring preload adjustment steps Using the screwdriver, adjust the spring preload. Stiffer a Increase the spring preload. Turn the spring seat clockwise. Softer Decrease the spring preload. Turn the spring seat counterclockwise. Standard Position Minimum Position 1 Never attempt to turn the spring seat beyond the maximum or minimum setting. Damping adjustment steps Adjust the damping with the damping adjuster . Turn the adjuster clockwise. Softer Decrease bhe damping Turn the adjuster T...


Valve Spring Compressor P N YM-04019 This tool is needed to remove and install the valve assemblies. P N YM-01122 This tool is used to remove the valve guides. 5. Valve Guide Reamer 5.5 mm P N YM-01196 This tool is used to rebore the new valve guide. 6. Valve Guide Installer P N YM-01129 This tool is needed to install the valve guides properly. 7. Valve Seat Cutter Set P N YM-91043 This tool is needed to resurface the valve seat. 8. Flywheel Puller P N YU-33270 - Adapter P N YM-33282 - 2...

Valve Clearance Adjustment

Tdc Clearance Que

Crankcase cover plate T Special washer 2 Tinning plug Check for clog of oil passage 4 in the bolt. If any, clean the oil passage. Inspection and Adjustment 1. Measure Valve clearance NOTE Be sure piston is at Top Dead Center TDC when measuring clearance. Valve clearance measurement steps Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise with a 32 mm 1.26 in socket wrench . Valve clearance must be measured when the engine is cool to the touch. Align the Tj mark forthe No. 1 cylinder on the flywheel with the...

For Chassis Service

Yamaha Middle Drive Shaft Wrench

Damper Rod Holder 24 mm P N YM-01328- 2 This tool is used to loosen and tighten the front fork cylinder holding bolt. 2. Front Fork Cap Socket 17 mm P N YM-01104 This tool isneededwhen looseningand tightening the front fork cap bolt. 3. Front Fork Seal Driver Weight P N YM-33963 - Adapter 40 mm P N YM-33964 - 2 These tools are used when installing the fork seal. P N YU-01268 This tool is used to loosen and tighten the steering ring nut. 1. Universal Joint Holder P N YM-04062 This tool is used...


Tappet Adjusting Tool Ym33961

Fuel Level Gauge P N YM-01312-A This gauge is used to measure the fuel level in the float chamber. 5. Vacuum Gauge P N YU-08030 This gauge is needed for carburetor synchronization. P N YU-24460 This tester is needed for checking the cooling system. FOR ENGINE SERVICE 1. Clutch Holder P N YM-91042 This tool is used to hold the clutch when re-movingor installing the clutch boss locknut. 2. Tappet Adjusting Tool P N YM-33961 This tool is necessary to replace valve adjusting pads.


BRIDGESTONE G525AW DUNLOP F20 150 90V 15 BRIDGESTONE G526BW DUNLOP K525 1.0 mm 0.04 in Tire pressure cold tire Basicweight With oil and full fuel tank Load is the total weight of cargo, rider, passenger and accessories. Electrical lgnition system Generator system Battery type or model Battery capacity


Model Code Number Engine Starting Number Vehicle Identification Number 1UT VMX12SC 1UR 1UT-000101 VMX12SC 1UR-000101 JYA1UT00 GA000101 VMX12SC JYA1UR00 GA000101 Dimensions Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Seat Height Wheelbase 2,300 mm 90.6 in 795 mm 31.3 in 1,160 mm 45.7 in 765 mm 30.1 in 1,590 mm 62.6 in 145 mm 5.7 in 282 kg 622 lb VMX12SC 283 kg 624lb Engine Engine Type Cylinder Arrangement Displacement Bore x Stroke Compression Ratio Compression Pressure Starting System Liquid...