• Oil clearance (balancer shaft bearing) Out of specification Replace bearing.

Measurement steps:

• Clean the bearings, balancer shaft and bearing portions of the crankcase.

• Place the crankcase (upper) on a bench in an upside down position.

• Install the upper half of the bearings and the balancer shaft into the crankcase (upper).

• Put a piece of Plastigauge® on each balancer shaft journal.

• Install the lower half of the bearings into the crankcase (lower) and assemble the crankcase halves.

Do not move the. balancer shaft until the oil clearance measurement has been completed.

Shaft Journal Repair

• Tighten the bolts to specification in the tightening sequence cast on the crank-case.

• Remove the crankcase (lower) and lower half of the bearings.

• Measure the compressed Plastigauge® width d) on each balancer shaft journal. If oil clearance is out of specification, select a replacement bearing. **********************************


• Balancer shaft bearing

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