Cable Routing

© Fuel tank breather hose <D Fuel hose

© Crankcase breather hose @ Starter relay © Starting circuit cut-off relay © Neutral relay ® CDI unit © Main fuse ® Battery breather hose © CDI magneto lead (Jl) Neutral switch lead

0 Pass the air vent hose through hole on the fuel tank rubber damper. M Pass the battery breather hose through the inside of frame bracket, [c] Pass the battery breather hose through the guide.

Starter Yfm350 Warrior Relay



© Starter motor lead


(2) Starter motor

© Lever switch


© Rear brake cable

© Rear brake hose


© Rectifier/regulator


© CDI unit

© CDI unit lead

Pass the wire harness and starter motor lead through the holder.

Fasten the wire harness, starter motor lead and handlebar switch lead with the band. Route behind the starter motor lead.

1991 Yamaha Warrior Wiring

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