Before reinstalling the drain plug, do not forget to fit the o-ring, compression spring and oil strainer. Be sure you fit each item in the correct position and order.




Drain plug(crankcase): 43 Nm (4.3 m • kg, 31 ft • lb)

Oil quantity: With oil filter change 2.5L (2.2 Imp qt, 2.6 US qt) Without oil filter change 2.4L (2.1 Imp qt,2.5 US qt)

Refer to the "ENGINE OIL LEVEL INSPECTION" section.

9. Inspect:

Inspection steps:

• Slightly loosen the oil gallery bolt ® in the cylinder head.

• Start the engine and keep it idling until oil begins to seep from the oil gallery plug. If no oil comes out after one minutes, stop the engine immediately so it will not engine stick.

• Restart the engine after solving the prob-lem(s), and recheck the oil pressure.

• Tighten the oil gallery plug to specification.

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