When inspecting the battery, be sure the breather hose is routed correctly. If the breather hose touches the frame or exits in such a way as to cause battery electrolyte or gas to exit onto the frame, structural and cosmetic damage to the motorcycle can occur.

4. Connect: • Breather hose Be sure the hose Is properly attached and routed.

5. Check: • Specific gravity Less than 1.280->Recharge battery.

Charging current: 1.2 amps/10 hrs Specific gravity:

Replace the battery if:

• Battery voltage will not rise to a specific value or bubbles fail to rise even after many hours of charging.

• Sulfation of one or more cells occurs, as indicated by the plates turning white, or an accumulation of material exists in the bottom of the cell.

• Specific gravity readings after a long, slow charge indicate one cell to be lower than the rest.

• Warpage or buckling of plates or insulators is evident.

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