To protect the crankshaft against scratches or to facilitate the operation of the installation, apply the engine oil to each bearing.

•Be sure the connecting rod (4) is in cylinder sleeve hole (5).

4. Install:

•Shift fork "C" (T) •Shift fork "L" (2) •Shift fork "R" (3) •Shift cam assembly (4)

•Mesh the shift fork "L" with the 6th wheel gear and "R" with the 5th wheel gear on the drive axle.

•Mesh the shift fork "C" with the 3rd/4th pinion gear on the main axle.

•Install the shift forks with the embossed letters should face upward.

5. Install:

•Shifter operation Unsmooth operation-»Repair.

7. Install:

8. Install:

•Guide bar (T) (into the shift fork of the output axle)

9. Install:

•Reverse axle assembly © •Counter axle assembly (2)

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