Damage-» Replace.

Bearings allow play in the final gear housing and rear hub or rear axle turns roughly-»Replace. Refer to "FRONT WHEEL" section.


When installing the rear wheel, reverse the removal procedure. Note the following points.

Wheel hub installation

•Lithium base grease Lightly grease to the oil seals and bearing.

2. Install: •Wheel hub •Tensioner assembly

50 Nm (5.0 m«kg, 36 ft-lb) Bolts (wheel hub —upper): 100 Nm (10.0 m«kg, 72 ft-lb)

Rear axle installation

1. Install: •Brake disc •Rear axle © Tap the RIGHT END axle.


• Never directly tap the axle end with a hammer, this will result in damage to the axle thread (T) and spline (2). •Install the wheel boss (3) and suitable socket (4) on the axle end to protect the thread and spline from damage.

2. Install:

•Drive sprocket and sprocket boss assembly

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