Bleed the brake system if:

•The system has been disassembled.

•A brake hose has been loosened or removed.

•The brake fluid is very low.

•The brake operation is faulty. A dangerous loss of braking performance may occur if the brake system is not properly bled.

Air bleeding steps:

• Add proper brake fluid to the reservoir.

• Install diaphragm.

Be careful not to spill any fluid or allow the reservoir to overflow.

• Connect the clear plastic tube (4.5 mm, 3/16 in inside dia.) tightly to the caliper bleed screw

• Place the other end of the tube into a container.

• Slowly apply the brake lever several times. (*)

• Pull the lever in. Hold the lever in position.

• Loosen the bleed screw and allow the lever to travel towards its limit.

• Tighten the bleed screw when the lever limit has been reached; then release the lever. (**)

• Repeat steps (*) to (**) until all of the air bubbles have been removed from the system.

If bleeding is difficult, it may be necessary to let the brake fluid system stabilize for few hours. Repeat the bleeding procedure when the tiny bubbles in system have disappeared.

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