•Tie-rod ball joint free play and movement Exists free play-» Replace tie-rod ball joint. Turns roughly-» Replace tie-rod ball joint.

4. Inspect: •Thrust cover

Wear/Damage-» Replace.


When installing the tie-rod, reverse the removal procedure. Note the following points. 1. Install: •Collar © •Bearing (2) •Bearing retainer (3)

Damper rod holder: YM-01327

Damper rod holder: YM-01327

•Lithium base grease Lightly grease to the steering shaft, bushings.

3. Assembly:

•Steering tie-rod

Tie-Rod assembly steps:

• Install the left-hand-thread ball joint © and nut (2) into the flattened portions (3) side of the tie-rod.

• Install the right-hand-thread ball joint (4) and nut (5) into the opposite side of the flattened portions (3).

Turn the right-hand-thread ball joint (4) 20.5° Counterclockwise from the left-hand-thread ball joint © for the left tie-rod assembly and the ball joint (6) 20.5° clockwise for right tie-rod aseembly.

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