•After mounting a tire, ride conservatively to allow proper tire to rim seating. Failure to do so may cause an accident resulting in machine damage and possible operator injury.

3. Inspect:

•Wheel bearings

Wheel hub play/Wheel turns roughly-» Replace.

Wheel bearing replacement steps:

• Clean wheel hub exterior.

• Drive bearing out by pushing spacer aside and tapping around perimeter of bearing inner race. Use soft metal drift punch and hammer. The spacer ® " floats" between bearings. Remove both bearings as described.


Eye protection is recommended when using striking tools.

• To install the wheel bearing, reverse the above sequence. Use a socket that matches outside diameter of bearing outer race to drive in bearing.


Do not strike the center race or balls of bearing. Contact should be made only with the outer race.


When installing the front wheel, reverse the removal procedure. Note the following points. 1. Apply:

•Lithium base grease Lightly grease to the oil seal and bearing.

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