Source/Pick up coil screws: 10 Nm (1.0 m*kg, 7.2 ft-lb)

4. Install:

• Left crankcase cover

Left crankcase cover bolts: 10 Nm (1.0 m«kg, 7.2 ft-lb)

5. Install: •O-ring © •Starter pully (g • Plain washer •Spring washer •Bolt

Flywheel magneto bolt: 50 Nm (5.0 nvkg, 36 ft-lb)

6. Install:

•Left crankcase cover

Crankcase cover bolt:


1. Install: •Piston © •Piston pin @ •Piston pin clips (3) (new)

•The arrow on the piston must point to the front of the engine.

•Before installing the piston pin clip, cover the crankcase with a clean towel or rag so you will not accidentally drop the pin clip and material into the crankcase.

•4-stroke engine oil

To the piston pin, piston ring grooves and piston skirt areas.




A25 °JJ


4. Offset the piston ring end gaps as shown.

•Be sure to check the manufacturer's marks or numbers stamped on the rings are on the top side of the rings.

•Before installing the cylinder, apply a liberal coating of 4-stroke engine oil to the piston rings.

CD Top ring

5. Install: •Cylinder © •Bolts (cylinder) Temporary tighten NOTE: _

• Install the cylinder with one hand while compressing the piston rings with the other hand. •Fasten a safety wire (2) to the timing chain, and pass the timing chain through the chain cavity.

Cylinder securing bolt: 10 Nm (1.0 m«kg, 7.2 ft.lb)

7. Install:

•Chain guide (exhaust) © •O-ring (2) •Dowel pins (3) •Gasket (new) (4)


Cylinder O-ring (New) Cylinder gasket (New) Dowel

O-ring (New) Top ring 2nd ring

Oil ring Piston Piston pin

Piston pin clip (New) Oil ring (Lower rail) Oil ring (Upper rail)

END GAP LIMIT (Installed): 0.20 - 0.40 mm (0.008-0.016 in)

END GAP LIMIT (Installed): 0.20 - 0.40 mm (0.008-0.016 in)

END GAP LIMIT (Installed): 0.20 - 0.40 mm (0.008-0.016 in)

PISTON CLEARANCE 0.040-0.060 mm (0.0016 - 0.0024 in)

PISTON CLEARANCE 0.040-0.060 mm (0.0016 - 0.0024 in)



8. Install:

•Cylinder head assembly © •Bolts (cylinder head) @

Fasten a safety wire (3) to the timing chain (4) so that it may not drop into the crankcase.

9. Tighten:

•Bolts (cylinder head)

Flange bolt:

40 Nm (4.0 m

• kg, 29 ft'lb)

Hexagon bolt:

20 Nm (2.0 m

• kg, 14 ft-lb)

Tighten the bolts starting with the lowest numbered one.

10. Install:

•Cam sprocket

Cam sprocket installing steps:

• Rotate the camshaft to align the camshaft pin 0 with the cylinder head match mark (2).

• Remove the timing plug.

• Turn the starter pulley counterclockwise until the "T" mark (3) is aligned with the stationary pointer (4) on the crankcase spacer.

• Place the timing chain onto the cam sprocket.

• Install the cam sprocket onto the camshaft, and finger tighten the sprocket bolt.

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