CBe sure to use the recommended fork oil. Other oils may have an adverse effect on front fork performance.

CWhen disassembling and assembling the front fork leg, do not allow any foreign material to enter the front fork.

9. After filling up, slowly pump the fork up and down to distribute the fork oil

10. Measure: COil level (a)

Out of specfication ^ Adjust.

Oil level: 137 mm

(from the top of the inner tube fully compressed and without the fork spring)

Hold the fork in an upright position.

11. Install: Cfork spring Cspring seat © Cspacer© Cplate © ccap bolt @

Onstall the fork spring with its smaller pitch upward.

CBefore installing the cap bolt, apply grease to the O-ring.

(Temporarily tighten the cap bolt.


The following procedure applies to both of the front fork legs.

1. Install: Cfront fork leg

Temporarily tighten the upper and lower bracket pinch bolts.


Make sure that the inner fork tube is flush with the top of the upper bracket.

2. Tighten:

Clower bracket pinch bolt © ccap bolt ©

Cupper bracket pinch bolt ©

Lower bracket pinch bolt

23 Nm (2.3 m(kg) Upper bracket pinch bolt 30 Nm (3.0 m(kg)

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