Checking The Brake Discs

The following procedure applies to all of the brake discs.

1. Check: Cbrake disc

Damage/galling ^ Replace.

2. Measure:

Cbrake disc deflection

Out of specification ^ Correct the brake disc deflection or replace the brake disc.

Brake disc deflection limit (maximum) Front: 0.2 mm Rear: 0.15 mm

a. Place the motorcycle on a suitable stand so that the wheel is elevated.

b. Before measuring the front brake disc deflection, turn the handlebar to the left or right to ensure that the front wheel is stationary.

c. Remove the brake caliper.

d. Hold the dial gauge at a right angle against the brake disc surface.

e. Measure the deflection 2 x 3 mm below the edge of the brake disc.

3. Measure: Cbrake disc thickness Measure the brake disc thickness at a few different locations. Out of specification ^ Replace.

Brake disc thickness limit (minimum)

4. Adjust: Cbrake disc deflection a. Remove the brake disc.

b. Rotate the brake disc by one bolt hole.

c. Install the brake disc.

Tighten the brake disc bolts in stages and in a crisscross pattern.

Brake disc bolt 20 Nm (2.0 mCfeg) LOCTITE®

d. Measure the brake disc deflection.

e. If out of specification, repeat the adjustment steps until the brake disc deflection is within specification.

f. If the brake disc deflection cannot be brought within specification, replace the brake disc.


The following procedure applies to both brake discs.

1. Lubricate: CWheel axle Coil seal lips

Recommended lubricant Lithium soap base grease

CApply LOCTITE® 648 to the threads of the brake disc bolts. CTighten the brake disc bolts in stages and in a crisscross pattern.

3. Install: CSpeedometer gear unit


Make sure that the speedometer gear unit and the wheel hub are installed with the two projections © meshed into the two slots © respectively.

4. Install: Cfront wheel


Make sure that the slot © in the speedometer gear unit fits over the stopper © on the outer tube.

5. Tighten: Cwheel axle © Cwheel axle pinch bolt ©

Wheel axle

73 Nm (7.3 mCkg) Wheel axle pinch bolt 19 Nm (1.9 mCkg)

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