4. Voltage

CConnect the pocket tester (DC 20 V) to the meter assembly coupler (wire harness side) as shown.

Tester positive probe ^ brown © Tester negative probe ^ sky blue (

CSet the main switch to "ON". CMeasure the voltage (12 V) of brown © and sky blue © at the meter assembly coupler. CDs the voltage within specification?


^ NO

This circuit is OK.

The wiring circuit from the main switch to the meter light bulb coupler is faulty and must be repaired.

5. The oil level warning light fails to come on.

1. Oil level warning light bulb and socket

CCheck the oil level warnig light bulb and socket for continuity.

Refer to "CHECKING THE BULBS AND BULB SOCKETS" CAre the oil level warnig light bulb and socket OK?

Replace the oil level warning light bulb, socket or both.

2. Oil level switch

CDrain the engine oil and remove the oil level switch from the oil pan. CCheck the oil level switch for continuity.

Refer to "CHECKING THE SWITCHES". Qs the oil level switch OK?

Replace the oil level switch.

3. Oil level relay

CDisconnect the oil level relay from the coupler.

CConnect the pocket tester (W x 1) and battery (12 V) to the oil level relay terminals as shown.

Battery positive terminal ^ brown © Battery negative terminal ^ black/red

Tester positive probe ^ red/blue ( Tester negative probe ^ black ©

Al/N /■





CDoes the oil level relay have continuity between red/blue and black?

Replace the oil level relay.

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