CAny of the following fail to light: turn signal light, brake light or an indicator light. CThe horn fails to sound.


1. main and signaling system fuses

2. battery

3. main switch

4. wiring

(of the entire signaling system)

CBefore troubleshooting, remove the following part(-s):

1) seats

2) fuel tank

3) headlight unit

CTroubleshoot with the following special tool(-s).

Pocket tester 90890-03112

1. Main and signaling system fuses

CCheck the main and signaling system fuses for continuity.

Refer to "CHECKING AND CHANGING THE FUSES" in chapter 3. CAre the main and signaling system fuses OK?

Replace the fuse(-s).

2. Battery

CCheck the condition of the battery. Refer to "CHECKING THE BATTERY" in chapter 3.

Open-circuit voltage 12.8 V or more at 20°C

Os the battery OK?


^ NO

CRecharge or replace the battery.


3. Main switch

CCheck the main switch for continuity.

Refer to "CHECKING THE SWITCHES". Os the main switch OK?


^ NO

Replace the main switch.


4. Wiring

CCheck the entire signaling system's wiring.

Refer to "CIRCUIT DIAGRAM". Os the signaling system's wiring properly connected and without defects?


^ NO

Check the condition of each of the signaling system's circuits. Refer to "CHECKING THE SIGNALING SYSTEM".

Properly connect or repair the signaling system's wiring.



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