Install the spring plate with the letters "OUT SIDE" facing outward.

7. Install: CFriction plates (narrow type) © CClutch plates © CStopper ring © CFriction plates (wide type) ©

a. Install the friction plate of narrow contact face © and one of the clutch plate to the clutch boss.

b. Install the stopper ring ©. NOTE:

Install the stopper ring onto the groove around the clutch boss with both ends of the ring fitted in the hole © on the boss.

c. Install the other 6 clutch plates and the 6 friction plates of wide contact face alternately.

d. Install the another friction plate of narrow face.

8. Install: (Pressure plate © CSpring housing © CClutch spring © (Plate ©

CBolts (clutch spring)


Tighten the bolts (clutch spring) in stages, using a crisscross pattern.

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