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Thumbnail Blaster is the world's only thumbnail creation app. The great Thumbnail Blaster makes use of new A.I. software to create attractive thumbnails. Over 400 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Most viewers, therefore, a scheme through the videos. This means you need to go an extra mile in terms of creativity for your video to stand out. That is why the Thumbnail Blaster is here for you. It is here to cater to your creativity and attraction needs. The program helps save time and money while attracting endless new subscribers and viewers. It utilises Artificial Intelligence to make everything possible. Its cloud computing nature allows you to use it without the need to download anything on your desktop or mobile phone. The application is cloud-based and quite affordable. It is useful in so many ways. For instance, you can increase the number of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Read more here...

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Thumbnail Blaster offers lots of key features that the power users are usually interested in, wrapped up in a friendly and likable interface, at the same time benefiting from great online support & tutorials, which makes Thumbnail Blaster an easy to use program even for the inexperienced users.

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AI Video Creator

The product is a great video making tool that shakes the ground of video business. It is an artificial intelligencesoftware that will make you videos with real voiceovers and slow motions graphics that look like they required thousands of dollars and weeks to make. It can work for any laptop type and it is very easy to follow, you do not even need to have any technical skills or experience to run this, the steps themselves are provided with a guide. The software will work great forYouTubers, affiliates,eCommerce, Facebook, and other video profiteers, they will be able to make the same video that cost up to 1000 dollars in a fast effective video making machine, you will be able to get the same quality of the video that required a lot of time and money for very little time and money that is exactly the same. It does not have one of those digital sounds of text-to-speech voices from the laptop, the voiceovers are from a professional Britishvoiceover artist. Moreover, the software has1,500 already built-in templates,11 background images,23 Motion Graphics,9 royalty-free music and many other great customizable options you can use to create an unlimited amount of videos that will generate you thousands of dollars per day. Read more here...

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YOU'VE UPSET'IM NOW Much froth and bile from MCN's 'Tech Guru' Kevin Ash at his appearance in last month's Detector. The self-appointed guardian of Motorcycling Technical Truth seemed put out that we had the effrontery to question his muddled analysis of Yamaha's cross-plane crank and the attendant affects on piston acceleration. He began by sending us a link to a Yamaha marketing video which apparently 'proved' we were wrong. Then, the editor had to endure a petulant whinge at a BMW shindig, followed by a hissy-fit in one of Kev's MCN columns, where he called SuperBike' one of the smaller magazines1 and complained of personal attacks. There was nothing personal about the attacks - they're aimed squarely at the various misapprehensions and conceptual errors in his pompous, self-aggrandising technical articles. Errors which continued in a slapdash piece on the BMW S1000RR. No Exup type valve you say Kev Maybe you should have attended the launch rather than just interpret the press...

Conrad Mewse Jumps Between Sw And Bw As He Chases Down Crowns In 2011

Jordan and Max Hind are the two guys in question. The results of their hard work can be seen not only at Peterborough club events where they have amassed a combined and impressive 380 wins between them but also through Too Fast film productions. The guys started in a simple way on YouTube using a basic camcorder but have fully embraced the ever-changing world of digital communication and are now producing entertaining, well above amateur standard race videos. If you don't believe me check out these amazing stats. They are currently official YouTube partners with their 999lazer channel having attracted over 1.25 million hits up to last Christmas alone - and it's growing at 100k a month To achieve these incredible numbers there's obviously a lot of hard work going down in the background and 15-year-old Max is the powerhouse thinker behind the advertising policy. Max also fronts up on the race day microphone with 16-year-old Jordan as the office-based computer whiz kid. On camera filming...


I mean, personally, as a serial lecher, I'm all for more women on bikes - they're a hell of a lot easier on the eye than most o'you bunch o' ugly feckers, I can tell you - so I've never understood this attitude of'women on bikes is wrong unless they're on the back'. Over theyears I've met ladies who are just as good at riding bikes or better than the average bloke is - one of my ex's had aTriumph Daytona 955 and rode it like a tapper (and fell off less than I did too), and another used to ride my tricked-up Zed Thou around, usually with a very pissed me on the back, when I was banned (and she was barely five feet tall and tinier than a tiny thing) and I've lost count of the number of women's bikes I've shot over the years that were owned and ridden by girls who could ride them just fine -one particular lady who was, it has to be said, as fit as a butcher's dog was mistaken for a model while posing with her'fightered Ri by all the blokes around until she started doing stand-up wheelies...

Myarai Saved My Life

In 2004 Kawasaki MotoCP rider Shinya Nakano suffered the fastest ever CP crash when his rear tyre exploded while he was flat out in top on lap 13 of the Mugello CP. Thrown down the road at over200mph, Shinya is in no doubt about what saved his life. If you need any further proof of how hard an Arai is just look up the crash on YouTube. Richard Hammond was also wearing an Arai when he decided to try and dig a trench with his head at 288mph after a tyre exploded on the Vampire drag car he was driving flying crashing

O Corner King

Called the Tail of the Dragon, the US129 highway somehow packs in 318 corners in just 11 miles, making it one of the most popular roads for biker's in the states. Just type Deal's Gap into YouTube and see what we mean. Because the road is so tough, there are accidents there on a regular basis and the police take an active interest in patrolling the road, too. The road has a 30mph speed limit, but if there's a ny road in the world worth risking creeping over the limit, it's this one.

Race Torqu

Two-wheel luminaries Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill weren't the only legends to star in On Any Sunday. If you're a fan of the film, you may recall one of the first scenes featuring a collage of all different kinds of bikes and riders, including a little urchin wearing an over-sized red full-face helmet doing a tremendous stand-up wheelie on his Honda 50 Monkey Bike, captured in slow motion. http com watch v qoEKHkvJIkQ (wheelie 1m57sec)

Video Traffic Guru

Video Traffic Guru

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